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Veneer Source, located in downtown Orlando, Florida, is a manufacturer of custom veneer panels. We specialize in producing custom, limited run panels specific to customer needs. We do not mass produce “commodity” or “stock” sheet goods. Every panel we produce is job specific and based on the requirements of your project. Let us help you build better.

Veneer Source is a division of JFV Designs, Orlando, Fl. JFV Designs manufactures custom free standing furniture, residential and commercial cabinetry, wall paneling systems and corporate boardroom tables and furniture. All of the products manufactured emphasize specialty veneer components. Veneer Source meets these requirements for JFV Designs every day. Veneer Source can do the same for you.

Veneer Source produces custom veneer panels for jobs ranging from one residential table top to whole commercial wall paneling systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with people, bringing about high quality distinctive veneer panels, no matter what the end use.

Clients choose Veneer Source for 5 important reasons:

  • Our People - We have a staff of woodworkers who are experienced in the demands of finished millwork. They know the challenges you are facing and will work with you to produce products you can easily work with and use to create outstanding finished projects.

  • Outstanding Veneers - Veneer Source offers a wide range of solutions for your needs including:

    • Architectural panels and wall elements

    • Slabs for conference tables

    • Specialty in-lays

    • Custom sketch face creation

  • Turnaround Time - Veneer Source can handle your specialty needs promptly and with no fuss. We are responsive to your requirements.

  • Equipment - While we may not be the biggest shop around, we do have the tools needed to create your design. For more information on the processes used to create the veneer panels fundamental to all our work.

  • Architectural Woodworking Institute (AWI) Quality Standards - We are members of and follow the quality standards of the Architectural Woodwork Institute. This organization has guided standards for excellence in architectural woodworking for decades. Our endorsement of these guidelines ensures a finished product of the highest quality. For additional information on AWI and its quality standards.

Did you know ...

Although the forest contains 40,000 different species of wood-30% of the earth's surface is covered with forest, 10.5 million square miles of which are managed forests - there are only 600 species that can be used commercially. Of these, only 28 species cover around 75% of the industrial demand for wood, and then only a small amount of these can be utilized for veneer production.

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