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All of Europe (except for Mediterranean coastal regions). Birches of particularly high quality grow in the northern lowlands of Scandinavia and Russia.


Yellowish white, reddish toward the pith


This tree grows very straight, has a pure color and fine growth rings. The texture varies from plain to figured up to flame-like.


Birch is usually used as mainly peeled veneer for furniture making, as well as in decorative interior finishing and, owing to its good staining properties, for making period furniture. In interior finishing, birch veneer is used especially often for ceiling and wall paneling to produce specific light effects.

Light-weight, soft and airy, with modern openness, charm and creativity. Conveys transparency with a stimulating and unconventional effect.

Did you know ...

... that managed forests, thanks to their high proportion of young, strong, growing trees, enable CO2 to be extracted?

... that an old, unmanaged forest produces as much CO2 through processes of decomposition and decay as it stores, and that therefore an unmanaged forest contributes nothing to reducing global CO2?

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