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Black Cherry


Northeastern regions of the U.S. (from Pennsylvania to West Virginia)


Orange-red to red-brown


Fine pores and very regular with a typical, natural semi gloss. Occasional small resin pockets (so-called gums) are typical.


A sought-after type of wood for interior finishing and luxury furniture. Especially esteemed owing to its ability to combine well not only with light or dark wood, but also with other materials, such as glass and steel.

A modern classic: aristocratic, calm and balanced, high-quality and dignified, but with no rustic feel.

Did you know ...

... that managed forests, thanks to their high proportion of young, strong, growing trees, enable CO2 to be extracted?

... that an old, unmanaged forest produces as much CO2 through processes of decomposition and decay as it stores, and that therefore an unmanaged forest contributes nothing to reducing global CO2?

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